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Anesthesiology department at VCare Hospital VIP Road Zirakpur is a key link between surgical team and patients undergoing surgical procedures. Highly skilled Anesthetists are available 24 hours a day which deals in all kinds of pain and surgeries procedures.

The Department of Anesthesia and Intensive care at VCare Hospital is providing critical care services in state of the Art Intensive Care Unit which is well equipped with latest equipment for providing uninterrupted care for patients.

Range of Services

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia (GA) is the state produced when a patient receives medications for amnesia, analgesia, muscle paralysis, and sedation. An anesthetized patient can be thought of as being in a controlled, reversible state of unconsciousness


Sedation suppresses the central nervous system to a lesser degree, inhibiting both anxiety and creation of long-term memories without resulting in unconsciousness. Sedation is the reduction of irritability or agitation by administration of sedative drugs, generally to facilitate a medical procedure or diagnostic procedure.

Regional / local Anesthesia

It blocks transmission of nerve impulses between a targeted part of the body and the central nervous system, causing loss of sensation in the targeted body part. A patient under regional or local anesthesia remains conscious, unless general anesthesia or sedation is administered at the same time.

All Our Services

Vcare Hospital is providing it’s services in wide range of medical specialities like cardiac sciences, neuro sciences, dental sciences, ortho sciences etc

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VCare Hospital is centrally located in the Hub of Zirakpur near Metro Mall on VIP Road, Zirakpur, Distt. Mohali (Punjab – India) to cater the good population of the region. The hospital is staffed by well experienced & very highly qualified consultants, Permanent & Visiting Specialists of various specializations.

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